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Teri Hyatt is a multi-disciplined, Stress Defusion Practitioner located in Princeton, New Jersey USA. She lectures and has worked with animals international. She also works with children, and adults.

Behaviors are learned patterns based on past experiences and subconscious reactions. With the use of Specialized Kinesiology and other biofeedback techniques, the emotional charge of the pattern can be "unplugged" allowing you and/or your pet to have a different experience and behave differently.

Go to the Stress Defusion page to learn more about Stress Defusion and other techniques used for releasing old unwanted behavior.

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Your pet relies on you to provide good nutrition, health care, and safety. It is important that we read labels and know that the products we select are the best available from the array of choices on the market.

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This deeply relaxing, non-surgical hands-on face lift, assists in releasing not only the emotional experiences and stress that have gotten "stuck" in the muscles of the face, but this seven session series softens and releases deep lines and wrinkles.

Teri Hyatt is one of eight Facial Harmony Practitioners in the United States who is certified to practice Facial Harmony. Click on the button to the left and learn more about this technique.