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What is Facial Harmony?
Facial Muscel Groups

Non Surgical Face Lift

Facial Harmony was created by Lana Lawson and Anna McRobert. It is a muscle release process, a non-surgical face lift, that will transform your face. The philosophy is based on the idea that your face is a connecting link between your body, the power of your mind, your spirit and emotions.

The Facial Harmony muscle release technique is a natural face lift alternative. It focuses in great detail, on the patterns of stress and tension locked up in each individual face. These unique methods are designed to lift and rejuvenate all areas of your face and neck. During each session muscle tension and emotional build-up releases, leading to an enormous sense of inner well being, and elasticity to the skin cells are restored.

The Facial Harmony technique is very gentle and wonderfully restful...under expert hands, your muscles and skin will begin to change before your eyes. There will be an improvement in which you can see.

You've given a lot, you've had a lot to put up with, you've always put others first. But how much of your life story do you want others to be able to read in your face? Wouldn't it be great if there was something we could do to slow down or postpone the aging process...to suspend and even reverse the hints and effects of stress, exhaustion, sadness, strain and frustration that live in the shape and tone of our face? Now there is, it is called Facial Harmony!

When you decide to take steps to release the build-up of all life's demands, emotions and stresses...to not only feel much better, but to look better too...we're here to show you how.

Facial Harmony is the new and exclusive technique that allows you to look and feel wonderful...more alive, more vital, relaxed and refreshed...to confidently show the world the REAL you!

Facial Harmony Balancing

Balancing is a one of the session designed to introduce the client to Facial Harmony. In a balancing session the practitioner works to harmonize the meridians, chakras and energy systems of the body with the aim of promoting emotional stability and physical well-being. Thereby, enhancing the clients mental clarity and, in turn, their ability to make clear decisions in the course of their daily life.

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Anyone interested in Facial Harmony outside of the U.S. please visit the International website at www.facialharmony.com

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